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1, Are you the manufacturer?
We have our own factory based in Changzhou, managed directly under Leeka, and also we have manufacturing branches in  Ningbo, Shenzhen, and Zhongshan. Leeka Corp. is mainly responsible for the overseas market, we have our own inland sales office in each part of China.

2, How can I order samples?

You can email us or chat with our sales online. We have published our sales team and the contact info on the contact page. You can let us know what would you like to order and we will make PI for your confirmation. After you make the payment, we will process your order.

3, Do you sell to individual customers directly?

No, we're a solar light manufacturer and only for wholesale. We have distributors in many countries, the end users can buy from them.

4, What’s your main products range?

Our solar lights in decoration include solar flowers, solar inflatable light, solar water floating ball, solar hedge light, and solar ground light. Our functional solar lights include solar bulb, solar camping light, solar wall light,solar path lights,solar lawn light, solar pest killing light, solar garden light, solar streetlight, and household solar system.

5, Are the Solar lights enough for use in the night?
The minimum lighting hour of our solar lights is 4 hours if night comes at 6:00 pm,then our solar lights can light until 11:00 pm,but at this time period, most people would already go to bed. So the lighting time is enough for home use. Our solar streetlight and garden light can have a maximum lighting time of 10-11 hours, some of our solar lighting fixtures could light continuously 3 night without interim charging.

6, Do you accept customized design?
Yes, we are offering OEM and ODM service as well. If you have any good idea, we can help you realize it.

7, What’s the warranty on your products?
All leeka products cover a minimum warranty period of 2 years based on normal standard, specific warranty period please confirm with sales according to actual contract item.

8, What shipping methods are available? 
For the samples,currently we are using
2,Air cargo
For the bulk order, by air or by sea.

9, How long will it take to ship the products?
Usually, the shipment will take 3-4 days to arrive on sample item, for sea shipment 15-18days.

10, When can I track the shipment online?
You can track sample shipping status online the next day after shipping. Below are the links for the most frequently used shipping companies:
For the bulk orders, we will notify you of the status by email.Our shipping forwarders will keep the information update to us.

11, What payments are available?
Samples paid by PayPal 100% in advance either with freight or without, if samples paid without freight, shipping can be made freight collected. For bulk orders above USD5000 30% in advance, the rest 70% before shipment of goods. Bulk orders below usd5000 should be paid 100% full invoice value.

12, How do you control the quality?
Our own manufacturing base produced strictly under ISO9001 quality management standard which is a universal quality recognition to every corner of the world. To EU markets, we'll produce the goods serious according to CE demand, to America markets, we'll produce the goods strictly according to UL standard. To special customers' request, we'll produce the goods according to the contract.

13, How can I be sure your pricing is the best compares with all other prices I received from other Chinese suppliers?
Firstly, we have our own factory and ourself quality control, so all our price is genuine and based on the real quality standard. Secondly,with our own factory, you can be sure the best service and efficient goods handling, and the export cost is greatly reduced. Third, our advantage compares with other suppliers is that we have an export company especially for the overseas market and also our own considerable sized factory. When considering the price, never only see how much money it cost, but also what kind of quality standard the goods offered. For example, our goods last for 10years for $1.5,but other suppliers' good last 3years for $1.2, if you want the cheaper you will buy the last one, however, you'll buy 3 pieces of their goods to meet the same using life of our goods, which means you must spend $1.2*3=$3.6.

14, I see you have the similar goods listed on your web, but not the exactly the same goods I want, what should I do?
Firstly, check with your clients and see if they can accept similar goods from us. Secondly, if they can't accept similar goods, contact our sales for OEM price. While contacting us for OEM, please send draft or product photos for our engineering department for evaluation, they will count how much labor and time it will spend, with material cost, we'll get the genuine price for you. Please note"genuine", not a fake price, fake price always very low but with a great discounted quality.

15, If the first time you manufacture the goods for me, I am not sure you can control the quality well. So I would rather choose my old suppliers who had done my goods for one thousand times.

Since you had contacted us, there must have some problems with your old suppliers. Either the price is too high or the quality not well, see if they had done one thousand times still have a problem with the quality, are you sure if they do another one thousand times can yield out a good quality?

Firstly, even on OEM items, means goods completely new and first time to us. We will do an experiment to test the goods function and reliability, we'll show photos and a test result to you to confirm before we begin the next step. We'll never show you a result when even ourselves not satisfied. How many tests before the production? At least 3 based on our history count.

Secondly, we have a tough and reliable engineering team. Always the talents from renowned companies before, they had a thousand times experience on many goods, so it's very easy to do a completely new product.

Thirdly, we have a responsive sales team, they always learn what you want. Each of your opinions is kindly evaluated and discussed in the company for the goods reshape and product improvement. You can always feel free to share with them what you think.

16, Some of my suppliers said they can do any kind price according I want, can you also do?
Client's want is the first and utmost standard before we proceed any kind product manufacturing, some times you said you're choosing the lower price would rather say you would rather a lower quality standard for your market. Anyway, if you want any kind quality standard, tell us, we'll do on your demand.