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Five aspects do solar lights bring convenience to your life

1, Freedom on installation: you actually no need to find a place that wiring to electricity can be reachable. You can mount your solar lights almost everywhere, from the deck of a ship to treadless desert and mounting top. A post of solar light can warn people away from danger and also providing light that helps people finding a home or a shelter.

2, Extremely safe and recyclable. Powered completely by solar panels, you’re having no touch of high voltage. All components in a solar light from the battery to the solar panel, from post to housing are recyclable materials, you can reuse it or make a modification by yourself changing from one light to another.
3, Reduce your project budget greatly. The labor cost is fundamentally the greatest share of your project spending. Solar light, itself basically could reduce a lot of labor cost on installation, maintenance, and shipment. While installing a traditional light, you need to cut off the electricity, this makes the nearby citizens couldn’t use it, of cause means loss of money and stop of production. Wiring to lights could be a high cost especially tough environmental and hectic traffic conditions, especially the cable itself should be a high-quality standard that also means a huge amount of cost.

4, No electricity cost and worrying. Each light once installed what cost more is electricity, electricity bills are accumulating but you never think it’s a huge cost until you installed more lights and checked the cost for 1 year,5 years and 10 years. Solar lights are completely powered by solar energy, this is free and clean energy endowed by our mother nature. The government encourages you to utilize it, also the world encourages you to utilize it.

5, More durable. Solar panel lifespan above 15 years, battery lifespan above 5 years and can be replaceable.

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