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Looks same, but maybe different
The characteristics of manufacturing make goods maybe externally or internally the same, but it has a huge difference in final product performance and reliability. In a small scale, it relates to product usability and on a large scale, it relates to product lifespan. When a product shows the same data, it may be not true on the product itself, for us, we always abide the truthiness and genuineness and mostly keep the lowest data of the test while actual products could play better. 

Our products target more on the lifespan of the product itself; finally, it could serve you for more years than the product in the market. We focus on reliability, safeness, and usability, functionally it could do the job without potential danger or failure on some aspect as you could expect. 

Naturally, more and more people are tending to buy products with a higher price in the market; they’re realizing the cheapest product is poor in quality. As you can see the best manufacturers are placing their product in higher and higher prices. For us, products are for the general public, targeting price more favorable for re-sellers and wholesalers. 

We follow the fashion, make the same products as market trends; also we make the difference, difference on quality and OEM/ODM for specialized needs.

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