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Lumen flux:120-150lm
LED Qty.:20pcs 2835SMD
LED Life:50000hours
Lighting time:≥4hours
Battery type:800mah lead-acid battery
Solar panel:1W 6V epoxy solar panel
Controlling distance:5-8meters
Detailed description

Typical features:
1, This bulb is 1W and powered by 6V DC voltage with a smart controlling, it could provide 4-6hours of light after one-time charging, the total lumen of this light is 100-110lm.
2, When there is no sunlight, the bulb could be charged by 5-6V DC voltage, while the standby solar panel could be used in camping situations.
3, Connect the bulb and the solar panel with cable, put the solar panel in the sunshine, the bulb could be charged automatically by solar power.
1, Used in outdoor decoration, camping, and DIY interest.
2, This rechargeable solar bulb is the best tool for emergency situations such as a blackout.
3, Epoxy solar panel could be the alternative for other DC5-6V input power supplies.
4, Provide illumination for open market illumination.

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