About Us

As one of the revolutionary solar energy producer and pioneer, leeka corp’s solar LED lighting provided their users the utmost convenience and have done great contribution to cutting down the overall energy consumption and carbon emission.


The corporation has won the best energy provider in 2017, 2018, and 2019. Products have been listed as the best energy performance and high ROI. The massive replacement of traditional streetlights with updated solar led lamps had cut down millions of expenditure a year in the southeast of the Country.


On exportation, the company is a happier supplier to most brands in South Africa, middle-east, north & south America, Australia, Western Asia, etc. Products have been known as best technically constructed and well designed for energy storage and consumption.


The advantage of solar lighting is that it can replace almost all outdoor lamps in case they have a chance to meet the sun. To convert to solar lighting is part of the energy-saving plan together with solar power generation, LED lighting.


A, benefits of converting traditional lamps to our solar led lamps:

1, 0 electricity cost: the led lamps only use the electricity generated by solar panels.

2, long using life: 30 years solar panel life, 10 years led life, long recyclable batteries.

3, Wider application: can replace all traditional streetlights, Can install almost everywhere in outdoor where there is no electricity

4, no wiring: no cable cost, lesser human labor cost, no after-installation cable maintenance cost.

5, Easy maintenance: each lamp is operated independently while maintaining one of the lamps doesn’t interface the other lamps.

6, High ROI: big return on investment.


B, we’re bringing great benefits to our consumers:

1, We constantly helping our customers all over the world win global projects.

2, we seriously control our goods’ production, to ensure our goods have minimum after-sales problems comparing with our competitors.

3, we maintain our goods up the best performance and maximum user experience, to make our goods on the upper-level ROI in the markets.

4, we keep our goods in a good variety, to reduce our clients the overall sourcing cost, risk and time.

5, we updating our manufacturing technology to keep our products hold the upper hand over other manufacturers in the same industry.

6, we keep attached relations with our customers, so we don’t sell to individuals.