1, Is the goods safe with COVID-19?

Our production environment is completely sterilized before daily production activities are initialized, workers wear masks and gloves, body temperature is measured to ensure everyone is healthy and safe.

Also, according to the research, the coronavirus can only live 2hours in the air, 24hours on the cardboard, and 3 days in plastic. This time is much shorter than air delivery time and shipping by sea.


2, can I order goods as normal as usual?

Yes, transportation & production of our factory have been normal since earlier march 2020, goods can be delivered from any port in China to any open port outside china. Clients can pick up their goods from seaport upon goods arrived.


3, Are the Solar lights enough for use at the night?

The minimum lighting hour of our solar lights is 4 hours if night comes at 6:00 pm, then our solar lights can light until 11:00 pm, but at this time period, most people would already go to bed. So the lighting time is enough for home use. Our solar streetlight and garden light can have a maximum lighting time of 10-11 hours, some of our solar lighting fixtures could light continuously for 3 nights without interim charging.


4, what shipping methods are suitable for my goods?

Generally, sea shipping is the cheapest and most suitable for solar lights.

For air shipment, it charges a high price when goods include one or more batteries.

We don’t make a profit and asking handling fees on shipping costs. All shipping costs are given by our cooperative forwarders/shipping companies. Clients can pay shipping costs directly to our shipping forwarders after goods arrived.


5, What is the best time to place the order?

You should place the order with us 30~40 days before you start to sell.

First, the sea shipping time is generally 15days to 40days according to the destination it will arrive from China.

Second, production time takes about 7 days to 25days according to the quantity of your order.


6, is solar lights a profitable business to my market?

Solar lights are the future of traditional outdoor lights.

All traditional streetlights, HPS, incandescent, metal halide lamps, CFL, purely led lamps can be replaced by solar led lights.

Solar lights are part of an energy-saving plan, the same as solar power generation.

Is a very good business to sell together with solar panels, led lights.


7, Why it takes 3 days for my payment arrive to at your bank?

All payments will first go to the bank of China US Intermediate bank, then will be checked by the local bank of China and the State Administration of Foreign Exchange to ensure legality. In this way, illegal payment will not be received, you can’t pay money to our account when there is no actual PI/ contract existed between our corporation.


8, How can I make my goods cheaper?

First, increase quantity on the same item to lower production costs. Second, to increase the total quantity per container load to save shipping costs.

Don’t buy very cheap counterfeit goods from others, we don’t ensure the quality of the goods is not originally from us.  counterfeit goods are actually rubbish, it will ruin your reputation and market. We strongly suggest you stay away from it.