2020 lunar Chinese new year holiday plan


Dear all,

Our 2020 lunar Chinese new year holiday will start from January 16th, 2020. Before the deadline, we have total 23 days (count from the date of 2019-12-19) to manage the production and delivery of orders. (the time exclude Christmas holiday and Sunday).

New work will start on 2020, February 10th. Clients who want to place order between January and February please consider place the order one week before January to ensure delivery before the holiday. Is well suggested that you refer our holiday time in the table below:

By the way, below factors should be considered for clients to schedule the production of orders:
1, the time to meet the sailing date.
2, banking time and customs.
3, the order production time for our other clients.
For only price inquiry and demanding product details, time still be available during the time of holiday. Please send all request by email only, if any delay, reply will be within 48hours. 

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