Here it's your advantages over manufacturers


Manufacturers are also selling, many manufacturers are directly selling to end-users. As an importer wholesaler, how do you maintain your advantages to let customers buy from you instead of getting products from manufacturers directly?


Now. The biggest mistake of wholesalers is they’re trying to be manufacturers. They’re trying to sell like manufacturers ignoring they have a lot of advantages over manufacturers. Why like that? The most successful brands are wholesalers, they’re not producing the goods on their own, you can find too many products in the supermarkets, they’re selling extremely well but the brands belong to the wholesalers.


If you’re first to start your wholesale business, don’t ignore below advantages most wholesalers generally ignored:


1) You won’t necessarily sell only one type of product. You may find many manufacturers only have one type of product, for example, solar streetlights. They’re doing one type of product because they have limited funds, if they’re investing money on more than one type of product the R&D cost would be high. However, if you check those really big companies, you can find they have a lot of products for example a big company may have products like lighting, tractors, cloth, medicare, and real estate. Thus, you can have more diversified products when you can sell them, don’t trying to be manufacturers actually you’re not.


2) Do you know more end-users buying from wholesalers, not from manufacturers, why? Because wholesalers can give them ready products not waiting them a few days and months. This is the biggest advantage of wholesalers, that’s why the biggest wholesalers are keeping stock first not asking if any customers want to buy first. Actually, when customers want to buy it means they want it now, not in the future, and every day every customer’s demand is different.

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