How distributors should learn from supermarket?


Every day when people want a shopping, they tend to go the largest shopping mall in their surroundings, not because the goods there are cheaper but because they can choose more goods. Every day, every hour, and even every minute, big stores are receiving the largest number of visitors, have largest amount of sales. The success of large stores should be a paradigm that many distributors should learn.


1, Large supermarket prepare their goods first before their customers want to buy. Real goods are the best promotion, marketing, and the most efficient marketing tool than leaflet, brochures, and telephone calls. People may not have the intention to buy the product, but when they see the real goods, above 80% opportunity they buy for interest.


2, Large supermarket sell to majority of their customers not the minority of their customers. Is not a saying that they stop to sell a kind of product if a minority of customers don’t buy. Actually, even that minority of customers don’t buy this time, they would buy it in next time.


3, Large supermarket are not selling their product out in one time. For each kind of product, they only sell a small number daily, and supermarket don’t expect they sell all the number of stocks out in a day, and they know is nature and is a time process to sell out all their goods. In thus a way, they’re giving their customers the time to buy,


4, When Walmart win their competitors, they choose a larger place to place their goods, they place more goods in their places. They’re doing right. The customers are purchasing from the store who have more goods, due to higher traffic to their stores, some of their product are selling higher prices and they’re getting more profit.

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