New solar floodlight on release


Our new solar floodlight LK-SFL01 is released, now receive wide recognition and great demand.

Solar floodlight has wide usage, either on camping or construction field, especially on far-away rural regions where electricity has no reach, people live life on oil lamp or on a primordial bonfire. In such places, life goes through a lot of hardships, lighting is hard and expensive. Our new solar floodlight LK-SFL01 is the best solution, which can help people live a better life by providing the cheapest lighting style.

LK-SFL01 can get 100% of the electricity from the sun, also can be charged wherever have access to Ingrid electricity. LK-SFL01 can suitable for most places, but in remote areas of the rural region, the need for it could be in dire.

In remote rural regions, there is no electricity, lighting on oil or bonfire. As for communications through a mobile, you can use it when the mobile have electricity when all the electricity used up, the mobile will turn useless. Calling for help when meet danger will be despairing. Our LK-SFL01 could not only provide high-intensity light but also can supply electricity for mobile phones. With this lamp, you can even stay in the desert for years with your mobile always have electricity to use.

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