Regional sales manager Mr. Zhang shared his sales magic and also willing to share it to the public


In this morning’s meeting, we invited our inland regional sales manager, Mr. Zhang, to tutor our new employees in sales, Mr. Zhang also wishes this tutoring to be published to benefit our clients who are directly or indirectly distributing our products.

Mr. Zhang emphasized, “ to be a salesperson, you should readily get your hands dirty to make some sales, don’t think you’re a sales manager, you’re a top executive or a boss, you should lower your profile to enable easier and close communication with your clients”...

Successful buyer Benjamin shared his secret to be a leading global brand


On the 3rd session of this year’s annual meeting with old clients on celebration two years business friendship on Saturday this week, we invited a leading global brand buyer who is known for his constant and repeating orders regarding solar outdoor lights from leeka on sharing his secret to be a leading global brand...

How stocks help global importers win in the market?


Generally, we find two types of importers in the global business. The first one is buying when there is a request, the second one is buying first and sell later. 

In most time we find importers buying when there is a request, they asking price when their customers asking a price from them, but mostly, we find clients in this type failed because of the later type of clients exists...

Egypt client assigned further four 40' containers to Leeka yesterday


Egypt client assigned further four 40' containers order to Leeka corp. yesterday after completing two container’s loading by Leeka’s man yesterday, the client also guaranteed deposit payment will be made before Wednesday this week. 

The client was actually a small shop that began the business with leeka in the 2nd quarter of 2017, beginning on small quantities lesser than 3000pcs on a combination of various outdoor solar lamps and indoor led bulbs...