Is it easy for DIY solar lighting in your own house?


First, we could say getting a lamp and all accessories from us are simple; shipment could be made within 10days. Solar lamps especially those integrated ones are pretty simple and foolproof for installation. Everyone can fix a screw without learning, that’s how integrated solar lamps are designed for...

Looks same, but maybe different


The characteristics of manufacturing make goods maybe externally or internally the same, but it has a huge difference in final product performance and reliability. In a small scale, it relates to product usability and on a large scale, it relates to product lifespan. When a product shows the same data, it may be not true on the product itself, for us, we always abide the truthiness and genuineness and mostly keep the lowest data of the test while actual products could play better...

Five aspects do solar lights bring convenience to your life


1, Freedom on installation: you actually no need to find a place that wiring to electricity can be reachable. You can mount your solar lights almost everywhere, from the deck of a ship to treadless desert and mounting top. A post of solar light can warn people away from danger and also providing light that helps people finding a home or a shelter...



Leeka solar now have its new logo,check the illustration below: