New solar floodlight on release


Our new solar floodlight LK-SFL01 is released, now receive wide recognition and great demand.

Solar floodlight has wide usage, either on camping or construction field, especially on far-away rural regions where electricity has no reach, people live life on oil lamp or on a primordial bonfire...

Business cooperation with JC Logistics Group Co., Ltd


JC Logistics Group Co., Ltd is one of the world’s largest integrated international logistics companies in China, the company has a registered capital of A billion RMB. The company provides reliable rail, air and sea logistics for world-leading exporters.

We now enjoying JC’s best discount freight for us, which means our clients not only could enjoy the best rate of goods from us but also the best freight cost for shipment, a kind of freight much lower than most other shipping companies...

A list of target countries in Africa market


We agreed that continents in Africa areas are not poor,and pepople there are friendly and upright. Solar lights are indespensible tool where the areas have no electricity or electricity shortage. Burning oil-lamp is a tradtion,but really expensive compares with our solar lights. Oil-lamp could be the cause of conflagration,it’s very dangerous to use,and solar lights is a good alternative...