Regional sales manager Mr. Zhang shared his sales magic and also willing to share it to the public


In this morning’s meeting, we invited our inland regional sales manager, Mr. Zhang, to tutor our new employees in sales, Mr. Zhang also wishes this tutoring to be published to benefit our clients who are directly or indirectly distributing our products.

Mr. Zhang emphasized, “ to be a salesperson, you should readily get your hands dirty to make some sales, don’t think you’re a sales manager, you’re a top executive or a boss, you should lower your profile to enable easier and close communication with your clients”.

“I had met too many cases,” Mr. Zhang said,” those kept an aloof and high profile, always thinking that clients need to please them always never make a good sale.” “ yes, clients may direly need our products, even our price is the lowest, they won’t choose if they couldn’t get a good attitude”.

“Our job is to provide our clients a better solution, we want them to choose ours is because we want them to have a good business.” Mr. Zhang explained,” yes, there may be many other options in the market, but if the client made a wrong choice, for example, choosing the cheaper one but quality really bad, he could ruin his business, in this way, we lost a client who will buy our products.” 

“To be a good sales is really a learning, those are showing well in our old, reliable and loyal customers, their personal accomplishment is showing on their respect on our work and a heart to appreciate our dedicated work to them, and their return of appreciation by continuous orders, they are the examples we should learn”, Mr Zhang closed.

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