The great convenience that solar streetlight brings to your daily life


The general purpose of the solar streetlight is for the illumination of roads, the extended application of solar streetlight can be used as courtyard lighting, outdoor of homes, mines, warehousing and the far-reached areas that general electricity supplies could not reach. Using solar streetlight could not only reduce the cost of human labor on installation, wiring, and maintenance but also makes the electrical lighting possible on impossible.

As we can see, solar streetlights have a wider application than traditional streetlights due to its flexibility on the application, it gets electricity directly from the sun, not from the power plant. You can place it in outdoor almost everywhere, it provides lighting when gets dark, and provides more brightness when people are close or nearby, and dims automatically when no one out there and light in high brightness is no need.

Everyone worries about the lifespan of solar streetlight because the light is using a battery but think about the lifespan of traditional streetlight, led solar streetlight generally have 3 times longer lifespan than it.

Solar streetlight demands the minimum installation cost, no wiring, not need high standard streetlight poles, you can just simply install it on a wooden post, it demands no electricity elsewhere, it works on the electricity supplies by its own solar panel. 

Compared with wired electrical lighting solutions, solar lighting is the cheapest solution to the poor regions. The integrated solar street light is designed for foolproof installation, it demands no technical know-how to make it work.

By supplying solar streetlight to the far-reach regions, the places that government power plant electricity could not avail can do great help on production such as crop harvesting, night market, tourist and infrastructure construction, still, become an effective method to improve the local economy.

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