What you can do after covid-19?


Generally, all over the world, Covid-19 is fading away. From the signs of increased demanding of goods to the decreased requirement of surgical products. People are coming to normal life, like before, pretty fast. From the fighting with the corona virus in Wuhan, China to complete corona virus die away in mainland, China only took 3 months, other countries can do same.


People need to live, can’t always keep in home and do nothing. Work at home, keep thing done should be a wise choice for people living outside China. After calamity, there is reconstruction. No wait, a lot of things need to be done immediately.


1, replenish your stock with products that generally need and there will have a need in the future. Get the goods first, then sell, this is business. For overseas customer, there is long sea shipping time, get the goods immediately and in front of the time will make a win over competitors.


2, make a plan to sell. Flowers smells good, but if it kept in deep mountains, nobody know. So, even the best goods need a selling. Especially, when you’re not familiar with the goods, you should kept it in your warehouse earlier to learn it before you sell. A sales plan should be made earlier even before goods arrived.


3, prepare your showroom. You need a place to show your products to your customers. When your customers see the stock of goods in the warehouse, they gives you more trust, you finalize more deal. There are a certain percentage of distributors they only buy when there is a demand from their customers first, will you buy from them if they say the goods are currently not in stock and will take 20 to 30days to show them in their warehouse?


4, keep your mask on. Not only you but all your family members. When there is a chance to go outside, when there is an occasion to contact with friends and neighbourhood, you should always wear a mask. Keep yourself safe is No.1 policy, keep unnecessary outgoing when things can be done in home.

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