Why October is the best month to prepare your Christmas selling?


Always the big sale in Christmas, to a certain percentage of business, Christmas sale even occupies the 80% of their year’s selling, that’s why catch that big occasion is crucial to gain tremendous sales.

1, October is the 2nd month before the month of Christmas
To most countries, 30 to 40 days delivery time by sea is usual, wise importers generally place the order in October and wait just in time a few days before Christmas. During Christmas, Led lights, led decorative lights and solar decorative lights are one of the hottest selling, because in Christmas, except eating, lighting and decoration is one of the biggest part.

2, End users are more willing to buy offline
Nobody willing to wait 3 or 4 days for their wished products to be delivered by courier, the tail of a year is not the time for e-commerce but on-site shopping. To peddle goods to customers without a proper stock but empty words is outdated. End buyers are more willing to buy from a business have ample stocks testifying they’re more professional and dedicated rather than paying a few bucks lesser to buy from online.

3, October is the time to get the goods from China and prepare your warehousing
Never a good selling without an adequate preparation, October is the best time to prepare your goods and make arrangement for warehousing. Get financed, to make projects that will ran well in Christmas going is worthy a try.

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