Why solar led lights could become the best retailing business locally?


1, Low competition due to belongs a “ not good product for e-commerce internationally (not locally)”. It’s a trend that international e-commerce will start to replace many importations globally. Products such as mobile, laptop, dress, shoes can easily ship globally at very cheap freight cost, end-consumers can pay a very small price to buy very good products from China within 7-10 days. But the solar lamp is an exception, even on the small solar-led lamp, the freight cost is extremely high by air, even the lamp itself is a small cost but the cost plus freight is always unacceptable. So solar lamps are only suitable for wholesales buying bulk ship by sea then distribute locally via various channels. Compares with traditional merchandise, solar lamps could have a very good profit, but the fortune always belongs to the first person to try tomato because solar led lamps are relatively new.


2, Solar streetlights is one of the big deal in all kinds solar lamps, it’s deemed to replace the traditional streetlights. Many people couldn’t foresee the future of solar streetlights, because it’s so new that they believe all new things need a test, maybe a few years when all market knows there is a solar streetlight that could replace traditional street light at cheaper cost. But after that time, the reselling profit would be lower than in the beginning. It’s a truth all kinds streetlight have a limited lifespan, the potential market is huge because all kinds traditional streetlight needs to be replaced. Also, in markets like Africa and Arabia countries, electricity cost is generally high, so replacement to solar streetlight is a nature of truth. In Africa, many places still have no electricity, traditional street light is impossible to use, but with a solar streetlight, use of electrical lights in such place is easy and will provide many benefits.


3, Solar streetlights by leeka corp can equally replace traditional streetlights on daily lighting needs and lifespan. Many people afraid to use solar streetlights because they think they may have lesser light and a shorter lifespan. But with the latest battery technology on the upgraded solar modules, the lifespan of solar streetlights is generally longer than traditional streetlights 3 years before, and the battery is capable of power the led lights as brightness as traditional streetlights same performance years around.

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