How stocks help global importers win in the market?


Generally, we find two types of importers in the global business. The first one is buying when there is a request, the second one is buying first and sell later. 

In most time we find importers buying when there is a request, they asking price when their customers asking a price from them, but mostly, we find clients in this type failed because of the later type of clients exists.

End users prefer to see the products on site, no mater how good you boast the product quality  and how low the price you offer to them. Also they normally require the product immediately, that means when they pay the price they can take the products immediately away from the importer’s warehouse not waiting a month for the product to be produced and shipped.

In most cases, the end users unwilling to wait for a month even the product price is 5-6% cheaper, firstly, they are unwilling to take such a long time to wait on unexpected quality, secondly, they don’t want their competitors take the market in front of them, so time is more important to them.

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