Successful buyer Benjamin shared his secret to be a leading global brand


On the 3rd session of this year’s annual meeting with old clients on celebration two years business friendship on Saturday this week, we invited a leading global brand buyer who is known for his constant and repeating orders regarding solar outdoor lights from leeka on sharing his secret to be a leading global brand.

Benjamin’s market is now increased above 60% in his country, he was ever known tight in his mouth but close deals with a few short sentences. Benjamin marked six keynotes regarding be a successful buyer and a renowned global enterprise.

First, he said,” loyalty is a good attitude that helps me to be a loved buyer everywhere, the characteristics of Chinese people is that they hate the greedy and unreliable person when you don’t show a constant attitude you do not get a serious answer.”

Secondly, he said,” I always keep my commitment, even it is pretty small, by fulfilling my commitment I am showing I am a reliable person, in such case, I always get more efficient work and satisfactory delivery.”

Thirdly, he said,” I always save money for my suppliers. I show more trust in my suppliers to encourage them to do my work well rather than traveling a lot. if I pay the money to travel, it is nothing different than to be cheated and give the money away.”

Fourth, he said,” I invest more money on marketing rather than sourcing. I have only 3 suppliers now, but I am dedicated to them so long, to be an old client I was able to enjoy the best prices and constant good quality.”

Fifth, he mentioned,” I visit my clients properly, I import products from china and sell locally for many projects when my competitors still waiting for the answer, I was already in my client's office, I could close orders in front of them”.

Sixth, he told,” I currently have three showrooms, when clients have a project, they visit my showroom to see real products, in this way, I could gain more trust from my clients, and close more deals”.

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