2020 lunar Chinese new year holiday plan


Dear all,

Our 2020 lunar Chinese new year holiday will start from January 16th, 2020. Before the deadline, we have total 23 days (count from the date of 2019-12-19) to manage the production and delivery of orders. (the time exclude Christmas holiday and Sunday).

New work will start on 2020, February 10th...

The great convenience that solar streetlight brings to your daily life


The general purpose of the solar streetlight is for the illumination of roads, the extended application of solar streetlight can be used as courtyard lighting, outdoor of homes, mines, warehousing and the far-reached areas that general electricity supplies could not reach...

Customers: What you can do on payment to facilitate delivery and increase your competitiveness?


There is complete unnecessary to wait to start the production until you make all the funds ready. The smartest way is to send the deposit, i.e. 30% of PI to start production first. You can prepare the rest fund, i.e. 70% of the PI during production. Besides, the fund of freight & customs cost can be prepared during shipping period...

Why October is the best month to prepare your Christmas selling?


Always the big sale in Christmas, to a certain percentage of business, Christmas sale even occupies the 80% of their year’s selling, that’s why catch that big occasion is crucial to gain tremendous sales.

1, October is the 2nd month before the month of Christmas
To most countries, 30 to 40 days delivery time by sea is usual, wise importers generally place the order in October and wait just in time a few days before Christmas...